Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Guns and Shopping Bags...

Lately there has been conversation “again” about the ownership of guns and whether or not we should have one…I am on the fence.  I realize that protecting yourself against ultimate harm is essential if you want to survive and that knowing how to use a gun correctly is more valuable than not.  So while the world seems to be going to hell in violence I still argue that there are many quiet, non-violent enemies infiltrating our lives in which baring arms will not help.

 The word is stuff--  I am a perpetrator, however I am on my guard and aware of the line drawn between what I want and cannot live without.  This stems from a conversation I had with a very interesting man who has been traveling the world for his entire life.  He was speaking about the US and our debt payment owed to China…First, I must reveal that I am completely uniformed about these matters however it was said that if “we” were not able to make payment that perhaps “we” could trade away some of our land instead. Brilliant right— This falls directly back on our own shoulders as we live to consume— Our own hole that we dug, jumped in and then covered ourselves with things to make us feel valuable and important.  I witness it frequently and have to explain it to my son daily that possessions will not make him a better person or happier.  It is probably one of the most frustrating lessons I have to teach.   Its hard to be a Human Bean- 

Beware your enemy...he may not have a gun, you might have invited him in…  

Friday, May 18, 2012

Tangled webs we weave...

As I continue to try and find balance in my life while moving forward in a positive and joyous motion there are moments when I just have to stop... and clean out my car.  This is what happens when you forget to roll up your windows overnight.

A mommy spider finds a home, lays her eggs and then one morning when you are in a hurry and are trying not to forget all your millions of necessary items and wrangle a very smart opinionated two year old,  you will open the car door and find yourself covered in a very sticky web filled with a bazillion baby spiders.   Totally Awesome :)

Monday, April 23, 2012

love the rain...today

I realize I'm getting older
 when I don't mind the rain on a Sunday
when I don't mind that it cooled down one more time
before the blazing heat of summer sets on the rise of everyday...

P's butterfly garden in bloom after the showers..                     

Momma turtle laying eggs in the tiki garden!! She thought no one could
see her from behind the philodendron leaf :) 

Our sad pond...which is now a mosquito lagoon...yuck!
Special K say's it reminds him of an episode of "Dirty Jobs."

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So now I must torture you...

I totally suck!  Today has been the first in a really long time that I got to sit and play in front of the computer long enough that guilt finally took over for completely neglecting this personal space of mine that I share with anyone who is willing to waste a few minutes of their precious time.

In reality I had to walk away for a bit to try a get grasp on what I was even doing here...
Truth: I love to torture myself by writing...I have had some great influences in my life that led me down this road that I'm forging myself with a dull machete while being barefoot.  It is really painful at times because it takes me so long to write just a few sentences...and then the choir of voices in my head led by one who is overly loud and opinionated reminding me how much he dislikes when one uses to many words.  And I freaking love words ever since I saw a buddy of mine higher than the deteriorating ozone reading the dictionary.  So now I must torture you...slowly

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I swear I did not teach her THAT!!!

Lil P has turned the "ripe" old age of two.  This is a special time in her life as she gains her confidence, explores the realm of  independence and masters the skills she see's exhibited around her by the people she loves most...except for one.  The other day she was sitting next to her brother on the couch, wearing her favorite birthday suit when she so sweetly suggested he put his head beneath the blanket they were snuggled under.
And then she farted...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cross Post...is that like Cross-Dressing

There's drama in my life...and the internet is at fault...this time.  But a far a way friend sent me this most fantastic video...I assume she assumed that I have a deep longing bucket listed wish to attend the beloved Burning Man...and there could be no better way to sum up life's tangles than with the brilliance of Dr. Seuss.  I send you a rainbow of thank you's!

Never Fear when I'm not here i'm Here :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

the magic word is "Peas"

Funny how the vegetable I was groomed to dislike from conception is now the magic word...Toddlers and their enunciation impediments.