Sunday, April 22, 2012

So now I must torture you...

I totally suck!  Today has been the first in a really long time that I got to sit and play in front of the computer long enough that guilt finally took over for completely neglecting this personal space of mine that I share with anyone who is willing to waste a few minutes of their precious time.

In reality I had to walk away for a bit to try a get grasp on what I was even doing here...
Truth: I love to torture myself by writing...I have had some great influences in my life that led me down this road that I'm forging myself with a dull machete while being barefoot.  It is really painful at times because it takes me so long to write just a few sentences...and then the choir of voices in my head led by one who is overly loud and opinionated reminding me how much he dislikes when one uses to many words.  And I freaking love words ever since I saw a buddy of mine higher than the deteriorating ozone reading the dictionary.  So now I must torture you...slowly

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