Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It's time to get naked!!

No, I don't mean that I am taking all my clothes off although it seems with a 11 week old I spend more time barley dressed than otherwise. I'm referring to my hesitation of writing about myself and my heart.
When I began this finger exercise, I figured I could put little facts and pictures about my children and silly family moments all the while hiding behind them as the bashful puppeteer. When truly I want to write about me and my feelings and my silly family moments. But as they say in the county, "I was skeered!" However I am experiencing a break-through. Getting over my insecurities that no one will ever read my blog so therefore I must protect myself with a disguise because surely if someone does by accident find it and read it then they will probably want to pull all my fingernails out.

And it's because I signed up for this class...

Mondo Beyondo...MONdoooo BBBBeeYonndOOO...just say it... now say it again slowly :)

I like saying the words over and over like I am giving my tongue a massage. Rolling it around my lips making all sorts of facial wrinkles that I will later drown in cream. But back to my moment, my AH-HA, my I walked into a door and am seeing patchy white blotches blinking and flashing. Mondo Beyondo is my dream. For those of you who don't understand what sort of new language I seem to have taken up, Mondo Beyondo is a class about dreaming. Dreaming is dreamy folks!! It is wonderful to dream and know that dreams really do come true, as they say in the land of the oversized Rodent: which also happens to be where I was born :)

And so I realize by just writing these words that my biggest dream of all mother dreams is to have support, inspiration, love, motivation, and acceptance. These awesome qualities I have found and continue to find in this amazing uncovered treasure of women and men :) A group of people that I happened upon and know only by a thumbprint sized photo and typed words. An experience that is changing my life at this moment and forever. And for this I am thankful!


  1. Hooray for you, Carla! Looking forward to it...

  2. You just keep typing, I'm so ready to hear more. And so glad you feel free to talk about your dreaminess. That's looks like it might be pretty liberating from my closet over here!

  3. mondoOoo beeeeeyondO! there, i said it. :)
    write away carla.

    visiting via mondo beyondo.

  4. Awesome! I'm here via Mondo :) I love this breakthrough. I feel like I had/have it, too...getting away from all the shoulds and fears and doing, writing, saying...what you really want to! Yippee!

  5. I LOVE this post!
    I must say I think blogging is an amazing form of therapy. I feel like it's really let me be me and over time, I've learned that if people don't like my real thoughts, screw them.

    To Mondo and beyond!

  6. Mondo Beyondo - two words that had no meaning to me a couple months ago. Now, well now they mean people like you, dreams, change, awareness, courage and ME. Great place you have here, I'll be back.

  7. Naked is good. It allows us to breathe. ;)

    Yay for Mondo!!

  8. Yes, naked is good. We all came into this world that way...too bad we all feel as though we must cover up our realities with so many layers...perhaps if we didn't, we'd see how much we are all so much alike, share similar experiences and perhaps some of the depression and anxiety that permiates our society can be relieved!

  9. Did you make your masthead picture? It's beautiful!

  10. I wanted to finally pop in and say...continue to write...I enjoy reading your blog! You are so brave for finally starting one of your dreams! I too have to stop that voice in my head that says..nobody is going to read your blog...why are you doing this. I have come to learn I do it for myself and that quite simply is enough! I too have enjoyed the support from our Mondo class....it is really like being on a cloud all the time. I constantly feel inspired and lifted from all the support!

    I look forward to reading about your family adevntures.

    P.S. LOVED your birthing story!