Thursday, June 3, 2010


you know the saying..biting off more than you can chew...well right now i feel as though i bit into a giant piece of t-rex's thigh and i don't eat meat. aaaagghh! actually i do eat meat, just not very often and i have no idea where to get a hold of a t-rex thigh but as for the feeling of chewing til the point of TMJ -- that's where I am at!

it's totally my fault--i brought it upon myself and should know better than try to move every large piece of furniture in the whole house. might i mention that i also have two flights of stairs and if there weren't specific outlets for items such as fridge or dryer they may have gotten in on the whole joke. and that is why i have been missing or hiding. on the positive side, when i am finished with this overhaul i feel a sense of complete organization heading my way. which is a good thing because i see so many fireworks on the horizon.

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