Thursday, June 10, 2010

summer session partI

korvin has left the building... his mimi nancy came and flew him and his cousin away to new mexico for a two week break from his mother and mundane routine of cleaning his room. this is his second visit out west but the the longest time we have been separated in over two years. i am sure that i am feeling the pain ever more so than he. in fact he hopped right in the vehicle without even saying good-bye and groaned as though he been trampled while running with bulls when i asked him to get a photo.

the cool part is that nancy aka.. school teacher extraordinaire.. armed the kiddos with cameras and journals to document their journeys. there will be no lying around this camp session as there are chickens to tend and cherries to be picked. i am looking forward to knowing the boy that returns from this adventure. until then his sister will be focused on growing so she can surprise him when he returns.

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