Monday, June 28, 2010

what happended to peace and love..

i have been watching the world cup like so many others mainly because barry loves sports. the fact it's being held in south africa also carries a heavy detail because that's where barry is from. the soccer has been great, the refereeing seriously questionable, but the spirit is amazing even with the horns buzzing. it feels great to cheer for our team but i have no qualms about rooting for the underdog or high fiving a killer play, after all it is a game.

which brings me to people in general. it is understandable to seek out like minds for companionship or to find your tribe for general survival. it's when these groups of humans turn their positive identities into shields of negative energy that i just become so confused. there is nothing wrong with being proud of your life, heritage, land space, community but when you feel that it is necessary to condemn those around you, you make for a very itchy and uncomfortable place to rest. and it is simply not nice. so if you have any belief in karma perhaps that energy could be better spent cleaning up our environment instead of trashing it with your ugly thoughts.

on a positive note this song is really great :)

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