Monday, July 19, 2010


just a day ago i attended my first blessingway. a ceremony stemming from Navajo tradition, it's a circle of women joined together to provide strength and wisdom for a loved one who is entering the journey of birth.

there were tokens and symbols collected to honor the mother and the natural world around her. flowers and greens were delicately woven throughout her chair and a wreath mended with sea glass, driftwood and feathers claimed space among the ringlets of hair spiraling about her head. the sororal doula massaged her tired feet with meal and blessed them with lavender. Sage was burned, the smoke cloaking us with peace and protection, as a prayer was spoken leading to the creation of a birthing necklace. we selected beads to symbolize empowering thoughts of a safe birth and represent our own children, as tears of appreciation ran for this magnificent lady.

we closed the circle with this chant:

I'm sorry I don't know the origin

We've all come to welcome you

To welcome you to Earth

We've all come to welcome you

To celebrate your birth

And we are here to love you

We are here to love you

We are here to love you

To love you on this Earth

it was inspiring to be surrounded by such strong women but it was also overwhelming. i felt young and naieve and prattled rather than conversed. my fingers trembled while trying to string the beads and there was a tremor in my voice as i had to coax my words. upon bidding my farewells and appreciations i got into my car and exhaled. looking into my own eyes i realised that i am still on a journey to find my strengths and i also discovered that i had a large piece of spinach in my teeth.

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