Saturday, July 24, 2010

i wear many hats

we did it! we sent in the letter yesterday to withdraw the kiddo from school and it feels pretty good.

i admit some of the days, hours, minutes i feel like i went out in the backyard, dug a giant hole,removed my brain, put it in a box, locked it, swallowed the key, ate a bunch of cheese, and then covered up the box with giant pieces of broken sidewalk.

but its going to be great.


  1. You are crazy... I want to put Jake in daycare and here you are taking Korvin out of "daycare".

  2. I got your back Carla. I always liked the idea but was never willing to let go of Homecoming and Prom. Plus, I think big but my middle name is "worry" (without the wart :)

  3. Please tell Korvin he will be greatly missed. He made me smile every day. Best of luck with this big endeavor.
    Angie Buchanan