Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A homeschool Story...

Adventure in Homeschooling

Well, I listened to the voices in my head and actually took the plunge and withdrew Special K from school. They were whispers at first starting back to when he was a baby, telling me that I should keep him close to me. It seems that quite a few moms’ I know hear those same whispers but for many reasons cannot afford the same situation or realize that it just won’t work. For me it had become chatter with the occasional announcement from an ominous deep voiced human or a cackle from a loudspeaker offering the blue light special deals going on in isle 13. No matter where I turned it was coming up highlighted with flashing lights and I figured I should just send in the
letter, so I did...
(this could quite possibly be turned into something that looks like a book so stay tuned :)

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