Sunday, October 24, 2010

The White Flag of Surrender

photo from The Rag Blog

At first I am feeling like I should roll myself up in this large white flag and go hide somewhere, but then the natives would start calling out for me over and over and over……moooommmm! The gift of motherhood is beautiful except when you are loosing your marbles.

The truth is that I have registered Special K back into the school from whence he came, and the crowd goes wild. It was just too much. I tried and could have tried even harder but there was a point in the day when we both realized that things should just not continue on…it was probably when I banished him to his room forever…

And so our homeschool adventure has ended with a termination letter…followed by re-enrollment.

I hope that when we look back on this moment in time we can laugh and say how crazy I am sometimes when I try to take on everything, as if I have a secret cape stashed in the back pocket of my corduroys. At least I know when I hear the whispers that I should just turn up the music a little louder…for now anyways.

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  1. Oh great now whos going to help Mimi take care of Jake when I go to work! hehe!! Well you tried and thats more then I do most of the time. Soo good job and hell maybe next year!?