Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rachel Ray and Boobs

Lil P, P Nelly, or sometimes Baby Dragon the Captain of Destruction has gotten the back to school Funk from her loving brother Special K.  It is something I accept as part of the return to ritual and routine.  However, the flow of green snot and croupy cough makes my heart heavy as it is hard to coax a baby to blow out the bad and forward to the moment of peace.

So as we concede to the rampart of alien germs, I have been turning on the Boob Tube…because that is what we do and breastfeeding is where it’s at.  The Boob is my baby’s life sustenance…I have a whole pile of things to say about this, but for the moment it makes her feel better and makes me feel so good to have a way to help her body through this battle.

The funny part is that while we were lounging around on the couch Rachel Ray was whipping up some sort of cheesy gooey goodness.  Lil P was deeply engrossed and then turned to me with her cute little one syllable voice and said…eat…eat!  

TV doesn’t always rot the brain…sometimes it fills the belly.

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  1. See I knew you could find something that she would like to watch!