Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year's REVOLUTION...

The posting of my goals seemed a bit overdone – so while I was lying in bed not sleeping the title of a revolution appeared in my foggy yet coherent mind.  There will be no resolutions here, only a revolt on all the bad habits I have learned to live with.

First order of business is that I MUST start drinking more water or my skin will literally begin to fall off…this is true…I am not a doctor… however a lady I know went to one because the skin on her arms was shriveling up…Severe Dehydration…and apparently studies have concluded that my several cups of coffee count as H20 intake but unfortunately the beer still does not…damn!

Making Space is next…this is sooo hard since I keep everything.  My biggest claim is scraps of colored paper and a 1 inch heart with confetti received for my 9th birthday (I’m mid 30 ;) from Current…I’m so ashamed.

Yup- this is the heart still with confetti--the paper unfortunately has been destroyed.

Focus.  This is more difficult than making space because eventually stuff gets covered with Mildew or Palmetto Bug Urine…if you live in Florida.  My ability to focus on a project lasts………………………….

Haha. Lasts only as long as the next hair-brained idea crosses my mind –like when I thought it would be great idea to start a Fairy Delivery Service…Yup, dress up like a Fairy and pranced around town bringing goodies to people…okay…1 people and two kiddos…but the people was a doctor (and still is —but not that one that said my skin will shrivel up and fall off).  p.s. Thank You Diana and Dana Lynn

So we will stick with 3 for now… there are many more…soooo many more...
It’s a REVOLUTION for goodness sake!!


  1. Keep saving the confetti, then when little P turns 9 you both throw it all over the place! yay!! After picking it all back up you will then know why you never used it..

  2. Yay for a New Year's Revolution! I like that :)

  3. i was thinking of maybe starting a riot...but then reconsidered and figured it was a much better solution -- cheers!