Thursday, September 24, 2009

While i was walking...

Being the un-informed opinionated person that I am, I was on my walk having a quiet debate with my own conscience.  I really have mixed feelings about whether I support Obama or think that he must have tripped in his garden and gone mad.  One scenerio that did come to my mind was the non-existent relationship with folks and their former social security.  I suddenly began to wonder what life will be like when not only do we have to work forever but nobody has money to take care of themselves medically.  I fall into the category of not-insured on purpose.  I suppose I could squeeze out some extra money by perhaps donating plasma or cutting into my beer budget but that really just isn't on my list of priorities.  And maybe when I do get some terrible horrible disease i'll so wish the devil could strike me for my insolence.  However,  there are many people who earnestly try to do the right thing and there are more that seem to stupid to know what the right thing is and what will really happen to them. 

 Socialized healthcare--who cares--when you need help, it's help. 

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