Saturday, September 26, 2009

where were the fashion police today??

I actually had to refer to an internet pregnancy counter to see how far along I was today.  Turns out I am going into my seventh month which sums up my desperate need for elastic pants.  My wonderful family members have so willingly passed along their comfy stretchables, however it is still too hot to wear them out.  Florida remains summer as long as Michigan stays winter.  So I have been imprisoned to two pairs of cut-offs that are starting to make me feel as though my body is made up of two parts, not one.  Here I must also interject that for the last few weeks I have diagnosed myself with a debilitating foot issue that is holding me hostage within my non stylish sneakers.  So my never fail sun dresses complete with sandal options are off the table.  This is requiring me ponder my wardrobe way to long just for a few hours worth of errands.

Hence today's fashion drama, cut-offs no longer deeming suitable I opted for the shortest pair of exercise nylons.  Matched together with longest shirt available which is denim circa 1970 and finished off with the white socks and ever so charming sneakers.  Mind you as I write this I now realise I would have looked far less homely if I would have just worn the sundress with the tennies.  To make matters worse, I finally am clothed when an attack of the sneezes bombards me causing the ever so embarassing pee in my pants issue.  And since the britches I have chosen are similar to that of skin I look to see if it happened.  And no it didn't and I don't care and off I go.

Did I forget to mention the stretchy pants that came only to the calf also had a striking flair at the bottom.  Ahh yes armed and dangerous straight from crazy town I proceed to the strip mall extravaganza with the thought in my head that I am here to buy some respectable shorts so it is okay that I look this way.  The unfortunate part in all of this is that apparently all the other fashion conscious preggo's got to the store before me and what was left quickly gave my own outfit some leverage.  To the jammy section I went and so here I now sit in my dangerously sexy light weight cotton drawstring shorts that allow me to breath a large sigh of relief.

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  1. Which are now at my house.... So stop looking for your new shorts. You'll never find them in Flagler