Friday, October 9, 2009

Time for a Moment..

I feel so funny that I am actually really avoiding myself.  I go throughout the day thinking of things I should write about and then I just don't-- so this will be my purge. 
The last week has been rough with only just my personal dilemmas needing to be mentioned.  I had an episode which I will only say was very embarassing followed by a rough couple of days.  Karma perhaps but yesterday was the icing, the Publix kind.  I was breaking a mothers cardinal rule with the use of my very sharp and second largest knife.  I was trying to seperate a frozen sausage patty, which apparently frozen food causes 25% of household lacerations.  So I was portraying a re-enactment clip commonly shown to elementary school children of what not to do when the knife slipped and I saw red.
AAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!  I will spare you those photos.  My knight jumped into action as he wrapped my gaping wounds.  This is the first time I have ever been close to fainting.  My knees actually started to give out as my head tried to float away.  The events over the next hour were filled with alot of moaning and some humming and a spontaneous vibrational sound made by repeating Ne,Ne,Ne,Ne, over and over.  As I paced, my thoughts would return to the fact that I had opted to give birth to my child at home in a few months.  Could I be crazy?? 
There was a serious amount of trying to find that happy place in the midst of all the tremendous throbbing going on in my left appendage.  I could do this I informed my fetal positioned self.  As my knight and I tried to figure out what the next action should be I was aware that this pain was no where near subsiding.  We started making phone calls, and since I don't work for the government I don't have a health care plan  except for don't get sick or hurt.  We ended up treking down to a friends house so he could inspect my damage.  One quick look and off to the medi-quick we went.  There would be no self healing or duct tape and dirt on this puppy.  My friend called ahead to his colleague on duty and told them we were on our way and to be as gentle as possible.  Thank you very much Charlie!!!!!
As it was, I cut both my middle and ring finger pretty good.  There was tendon to show off to some of the students on staff and a bone visible.  I decided it was in my best interest to not look my wounds over as the visual wasn't very necessary, I have a very active imagination and cable.  So 5 in one and 4 in the other and we were finished.  All in a days work.  And a big thank you to Mr. Dudley and the staff at the Palm Coast Medi-Quick--hope we brightened your day.

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