Monday, January 11, 2010

Come on Baby...

So today is the actual documented due date. I have tried to order the baby several times before now but obviously there were some communication difficulties. Maybe it was our freaky snowcapades.

My midwife Kerri had asked Barry --that's my baby's daddy-- to illustrate her a picture of what he might see if there was a window to the inside of my belly. He was a bit hesitant to embark suddenly upon an artistic assignment. Feeling his pressure I figured we could make it a family affair. So after dinner one evening I got out our supplies and here's how it went down.

Korvin's picture rocks!! He even put some food in my belly for the baby to eat :)

Barry's picture was equally as awesome especially when he started to just really enjoy creating it.
So in between fistfulls of animal crackers and ice chips I am resigned to just let it be-- after this next set of squats and stair steps. And from what I have heard no baby has ever stayed in--so i'll just have to continue to viualize the tube ride. And boy will I be happy when I get to recount the whole detail :) Cheers to everyone--wish us luck :)


  1. ok i'm holding on. no letting go. love
    it's me chris not jason. k

  2. Hi Carla!

    Love the pics...especially Korvin's..good luck and we are so excited about the arrival of the new family member! Keep me posted - I know you will do wonderfully!

    Lori B.

  3. Hi Carla! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival!!!
    <3 Beth and Taylor

  4. Loving the thinking of you!! xoxo