Tuesday, April 13, 2010

hot glue mamma

like other mommy blogs there is an endless amount of subject matter to write about when it comes to your children...mine is no different. at the present moment he has a project which has become our project. i have two different feelings when it comes to the correct way of handling our project. i want him to do most of the work of course and try very hard to keep my opinions and fabulous ideas to myself. getting him to do this work is almost as painful however as me just doing it myself and trying to pass it off to his teacher as his creation.

but that is not really what this is about. in the midst of "our project" another one was started. and since i am making a conscious effort to be more crafty with him i agreed wholeheartedly. our mission: to find his recorder's casing. if we fail i offered to make him one... this of course prompted a whining fit stating thats not how it came..but we managed to get through it with minimal causalties and the process began.

why this is ridiculous is because i have two sewing machines...my mother can sew like an amazing grace..and yet i still turn to hot glue..

I have to say that he did pick out the fabric :)

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