Friday, April 16, 2010

"just keep swimming... just keeep swimming" Finding Nemo.

i hear this going through my head a lot lately... and metaphorically picturing myself bouncing off the pretty little jellyfish...and the jellyfish are my problems and my head is woozy and i'm falling asleep. mom, mom, mom,---ha, no i'm not!

things have been pretty busy here the last few days. of course it's because of the moon or maybe because i have found a spark and set myself on fire with inspiration. just trying to not be overwhelmed, which is why i am sitting here in the dark. peace :)

so a couple days ago my super-human son Korvin was actually verbalizing jealous feelings over his new sister. the "you pay more attention to her than me" came out of his mouth. instinctively i assumed he was trying to get away with some certain shenanigans and not appreciating the fact that he was talking about his emotions instead of bullying the dog. korvin would never actually harm any nouns, but he is clever.

after he left for school and i was alone to feel my failures as an all-knowing parent who misplaced their manual, i called my sister. i asked her to bring the movie Labyrinth so that mending this sibling debacle could begin and i figured David Bowie and the fear of goblins taking your sister would do the trick. i was also advised to let Korvin talk about his feelings without any interruptions...

i think we are over another hump in the series of bumpy roads.


  1. Leave it to David Bowie he can help out anyone! Cute idea Carla!!!

    ....Can I just tell u that Jake just cleaned himself me and lots of other objects in the house with a wet wipe. And before that he was trying to give one of the scarest toys he ownes a diaper change. HA!! It was too cute

  2. where is that damn manual anyway? you and your kids are beautiful Carla!!