Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Oh my Ginger!!

The ginger made me do it.

It's been something I have wanted to tackle for months now, the cooking with an actual ginger root. I have even gone so far as purchasing on two seperate occasions this ginger, only to let it shrivel up in a slow painful demise on the counter. The look of ginger reminds me of a drawing Dr. Seuss might have conjured up or perhaps something that I felt was protruding from my epidermus before a very important date. As I peeled it back and chopped it to bits, I took a couple nice tastes. It's pungent flavor seems like it could defend itself against very bad things looming in a persons body. I actully looked it up and found the word volatile being associated with it. That being said I probably added a small bouncy ball sized piece to my boiling pot of goodness. Whoops!!

It seems as though ginger should be used in very limited quantities or the reaction of eating cinnamon without the sugar may result. Perhaps they should add warning lables :)

1 comment:

  1. Its best stored in the fridge all by its self! No containers or bags needed!