Friday, April 30, 2010

up up and away...

today we are getting ready for our 2 nite away camping extravaganza. we've got a merry group to dine by firelight with and more warm bodies to sacrifice to the skeeters. i am aspiring to the ranks of professional camper... i think we are getting close. our biggest conquer being the happy yellow school bus tricked out Nascar style. perhaps it will put us under the radar with the highway patrol, little do they know there are pirates aboard.

this will be penelope's third big adventure. the first--well it's been called a miracle by most. the second was a quick trip up the road for an overnight stay and now here we are getting ready for take-off. packing everything but the kitchen sink...really. some purists may say we bring too much but i say comfort is key and this my kind folks is vacation. take me out into the woods with no reminders of laundry or dishes and i am "a happy camper." peace


  1. Where are you guys headed? We need to plan a trip together sometime. Our RV is in need of a fun weekend... It's old and rickety, but fun just the same!

  2. Is this your bus Carla? Tell me more. We have one too.

  3. I love the bus! I hope it was a great trip!