Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Curses on their bogo's

Do you ever have the day when you walk into the grocery store and everything you need is on sale. It's like they organised their coupon flyer just for you--total kismet! And then the cashier hands you your receipt and tells you how much money was just saved. And then in your mind you immediately can justify all the purchases you didn't really need but just wanted. And then you come home and realise that you didn't even use to buy ice cream and now look at ya!


  1. Ha! I don't like Breyers... they skimp out on the good stuff. I did however indulge in the B1G1 M&M's. I wasn't going to but they had a coupon for 1 dollar off when you buy 2, just lying on top of them. So I went for it.... Hook...line... and... sinker...

  2. oh yes...BOGO is my weakness.