Wednesday, May 12, 2010

good times at the garden...

..........Thursday evening has become garden night. We pile in the truck armed with our bug spray and cooler, headin out towards the sunset. Our little seedlings are blossoming before our eyes as we witness food appear almost by magic. It is awesome!
..........I feel fortunate that I can share this experience with my kids even though my son is more like an indentured servant than willing participant. He does well when given a task and knows that his riding privileges depend on it. The only time things get hot is when water is involved. I mentioned before that we have a well to utilize for watering. Well, this well is pulling water from at least 20 feet under ground. This requires your blood, sweat, tears, and sometimes a few choice words. It also provides the basis for many a conversation about how important it is to conserve water.... ie: not letting the shower run while you finish the end of your very important tv show!!! (which is why we are getting rid of cable..another story)

But it is a great time and creates same good family bonding--So now we are deciding upon the name of our little dirt pile and have come to an agreement of.....The Family Plot...followed by "food you die for." -- i did'nt say we weren't crazy --


  1. Yay for Garden Thursdays! :) Where is your plot? What do you have planted? I just came in from my little plot and am a little concerned, seems like everything is just staying still. Not a lot of growth going on...maybe I'm not being patient enough.

  2. ok, so where is this magical garden? Need more compost? I'm just getting into my late seeding and trying to keep the tiny lawn growing in our back yard.