Tuesday, May 11, 2010

for mothers' day i got...

........a tooth?? well i can't be certain that what is going on with penelope over the last couple days is dental but it is driving me mental...sorry i couldn't help that one.

the poor thing is snotty with a cough and little bit of diarrhea. --gross-- i know i didn't need to mention that part, but really i did because it was in the last 3-4 days that i was committing myself to the use of cloth diapers. i do believe i am being tested--or punished.
aside from the lack of naps my mother's day rocked. the day before barry blessed with me with flowering plants and cards from everyone in the family. on the actual day of the mother, we went and adopted 30,000 bees to be placed at the farm--freakin nuts!! pictures later.. then korvin presented me with packets of glorious seeds to further embellish my new garden of flowers and ended with a dinner to celebrate the mimis and great mimis.
cheers to all the mommas!!
But prior to our cold like symptoms, we did manage a moment in paradise.

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