Tuesday, September 28, 2010

dear magic fairy...i have a list

I have been avoiding writing for some time now because of so many reasons...

1. I am tired...i tell myself that it is okay...i am okay with being tired and waking up through the night..after night..after night. I know that it will be a memory one day and I will thank myself for the sacrifice...but right now I am still tired.
2. I am hesitating...there are so many ideas streaming through my brain that I find it hard to focus and I am realizing that maybe I am afraid of failing and that is what keeps me from trying just a few of them...but I am going too...and soon.
3. Homeschooling is not easy...This one is set apart all on its very own. I have so many emotions and doubts and wonders...
4. I am disorganized. I am trying very hard to get myself together.
I manage to get up in the morning and put food in all of our bellies-even if this means I have to go to publix 5 times a week--i try to make lists but I leave them everywhere...

SO in the end it is clear that I need a magic fairy assistant who works for starbursts candy and has powerful magic fairy dust that makes me simultaneously rested and organized all the while giving special K an amazing ability to learn and sit still for brief periods of the day and while I am asking also keeps lil p from putting everything into her mouth. and a helper for pappa bear...who will also works for starburts. thanks

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