Tuesday, October 5, 2010

i'm a sucker for leg warmers...

since the weather has cooled down to the 80's we are all searching for warmer wear...and yes that is the truth...and yes three of us are real floridians...

you see to keep us from going into debt to the power monopoly i nominated myself as czar of the thermostat and keep it at a regulated temperature of 81 during the day and perhaps a cool 79 in the night during the summer. we also call it preparing for the day when the power goes out longer than seems comfortable or for when we move to our tropical destination--but anyway.
now we need extra protection...in the form of starry cuteness!! they are almost a reason to have a baby :)

but let me not leave out special k's hot glitter mess. he purchased the costume from a neighborhood garage sale with money he had earned...and later confided that he totally did it for the pants...which he then wore for several days.
and while i am on the subject of cute...i recently attended a very cool first birthday party from lil p's baby gang. the theme was elvis and the star of the show was shimmering in his authentically bedazzled party outfit. the hosts even made poodle skirts for all the ladies--and party favors of records adorned with their pictures (an idea worth stealing :)
so it's been good times-cheers

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