Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A homeschool Story...

I find that most people want to know why I have withdrawn my child from school. Perhaps he was unruly and I spared him from being expelled or condemned to the naughty corner outfitted with the gnome like cap, maybe he was having a hard time learning English and couldn't communicate properly because his tongue is too large, conceivably his underpants may have stated “kick me” and his britches too big from malnourishment and getting picked on and lunch money stolen, or it could be that he is a loner without the capacity or need for human connection, but actually it is because I love him and want to spend more quality time with him. I find that we humans are amazing at filling up the day and wasting seconds with minutes of things needing to be accomplished. Children are no different with itineraries more scheduled than professional folks bringing in six figured paychecks. I refuse to only be the sergeant in his life running off the continuous list of orders and objectives. Couple that with the fact he is a part of the broken home society in which his father gets to swim in the pool of Sunday Funday while I am left with early nights to bed and making sure his teeth are scrubbed.

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