Friday, September 10, 2010

a lesson in homeschooling...

well, we are two weeks in and here are some things that i have learned:

a stopwatch is very useful in getting a certain person to complete a certain skill that you know they are capable of doing...especially since they did 20 of them the day before.


i am no longer feeling like i am naked in public when we are on an outing in the middle of the day

learning is fun

there is an abundance of support and amazing amount of activities available in this area

did i mention patience? :)

some pretty cool stuff we have done so far:

science exp. on how well kitchen tools work as massage tools

family tree (in the works)

researched and constructed slingshot from things around the house

oh and some of that math and reading stuff too...


  1. Hi, I like the new look of the blog; however, you can't read half of what you wrote... I'm just saying Korvin could have a Web Design Day! YAY for my good ideas, but really you gotta make a change! :)

  2. whoops!! i was messing around while there were still stars in the sky this morning and hit cancel instead of remove--thank you!!

  3. hehe, which kitchen tool is the best for massage? :) I think you should post a pic of that slingshot!