Thursday, May 6, 2010

shout out to my flower people

for the people who don't know me, my mom and i used to own Barefoot Florist. for the people who do know me, we closed the store almost one year ago. i am very much okay with that decision especially since right at this moment millions of florists are working their a$$e$ off !!
.....................................this message is for them -- you freakin go!!!

when my mother and i absently mindedly decided to purchase a flower shop, we as so many others thought how much fun it would be. we like so many others were wrong. this industry has got to be one the most difficult jobs i could have ever imagined. unless of course you have the ability to read people's minds and the future. i would love to give you the rundown of how difficult the people who are supposed to be on your side (wire services) make the florist's job. but really i just want to say that if you order flowers please call a flower shop directly. if you don't have anything specific in mind...let the designer make the decision. arrangements can't always "look like the picture" especially when you have to do a million of them and the flowers you are working with have more frequent flyer miles than the president.

so be kind to your florist..bring them a drink (something with a bite perhaps) and a snack when you come to make your purchase. they have probably been standing in the same spot for many, many hours and (if they are like me) savagely assulting their digits. and please by all means order as early as possible...the smell of fear is never pretty when one has forgotten their wonderful, beautiful mother. happy almost mother's day...hint hint!

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